What is a block?

The lego building blocks of your experiment.

Who can use this feature?

👤 By default, all Admins and Editors (but not Viewers).

🏢 Available on all plans.

Any text in Colabra is composed of blocks.

When you create your first experiment and start typing, you've started with a text block. But Colabra documents can contain a lot more than plain text!

Here's just one example experiment summary with different block types pointed out:


Hit the / key on your keyboard to see all the different types of content you can add. Read more about slash commands.

Rearranging blocks

Any block in Colabra can be rearranged by hovering the block and dragging the ⋮⋮ handle that appears to the left of it.

Simply drag, drop, and reshape your thoughts with one motion.

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