Get notified of important updates in your workspace.

Who can use this feature?

👤 By default, all Admins, Editors and Viewers.

🏢 Available on all plans.

Colabra is built for asynchronous communication. You'll be notified if someone needs you or if the status of an experiment you care about has been changed.

  • Click on Updates at the top of your left sidebar. This is where we collect all notifications concerning you.

  • If you've been mentioned, you'll see a red badge with the number of mentions waiting for you next to Updates.

  • Click on any of these updates to go directly to the comment, mention, or resource in question.

G then U to go to Updates.

G then S to go to Settings -> Account → Notifications

Shift S to subscribe to an experiment

Cmd/Ctrl Shift S to unsubscribe from an experiment

In-app Updates

You'll receive an Updates notification for key events on your subscribed experiments.

You're automatically subscribed to experiments when you create them, are assigned them, or are mentioned in an experiment summary or comment.

You cannot customize which notifications go to Updates (they all will) but you can customize which ones trigger other alerts in notification settings.

Email and Slack notifications

You can also receive notifications by email, Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Go to Settings -> Account -> Notifications to to control when and how you get notified.

You'll receive a notification when you’re @mentioned, or when an experiment you’re subscribed to:

  • is assigned to you

  • changes in status

  • receives a comment

You can optionally configure personal Slack notifications, and email digests.

You'll see a list of notifications as well as checkboxes next to them for email notifications. Options for Slack will appear once the integration has been enabled (see the Slack docs for instructions).

Notification triggers

From Settings, you'll see a list of experiment updates and options to customize them for Slack, and email.

  • You’re assigned an experiment

  • An experiment you’re assigned is marked Urgent

  • An experiment you're assigned is due soon, due, or overdue

  • An experiment you’re assigned to or subscribed to is commented on

  • An experiment you’re subscribed to is marked complete or canceled

  • An experiment you're assigned to is marked blocking or unblocked

  • You're mentioned in a comment or experiment summary

  • A reaction is added to a comment you wrote


You'll receive notifications for all subscribed experiments. You're automatically subscribed to experiments when you create them, are assigned an experiment, are @mentioned in an experiment comment or summary, or if you use the menu in the Activity section to subscribe manually.

To manage subscriptions, open experiments individually and then press Shift S to subscribe or Cmd/Ctrl Shift S to unsubscribe.


Slack notifications are sent in real-time. Email digests are designed with time delays based on urgency and are only sent if you haven't already read the notification.

Email digests

Email digests send a summary of unread notifications. They're configured to send out after a certain amount of time has elapsed depending on properties such as experiment status. We send near immediate email updates when you've been assigned an urgent experiment or if an experiment you're assigned is marked urgent.

Slack channel notifications

We have a separate integration with Slack that lets you push project updates to a specific Slack channel. You can manage these from the three dot menu on the Project page. Learn more and how to set them up in our Slack documentation.


Can I customize what goes into Updates?

You cannot choose which notifications go to Updates. All notifications will arrive there, and any additional notification subscriptions you enable under Account > Notifications will link back to the Updates notification.

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