Visualize Protein Data Bank 3D structures of proteins and nucleic acids.

Who can use this feature?

👤 By default, all Admins and Editors (but not Viewers).

🏢 Available on all plans.

Type /Molecule or drag and drop a molecule file into the editor to insert an interactive preview that lets you visualize and rotate three-dimensional representation like proteins and DNA/RNA, with a variety of representations.

Supported formats

  • Molecular structures

    • Protein Data Bank (pdb)

    • Macromolecular Crystallographic Information File (cif)

    • Protein Data Bank partial charge (pqr)

    • GROMACS structure format (gro)

    • Structure-data file (sdf)

    • MOL2 (Molecular structure format by Tripos) (mol2)

    • Macromolecular Transmission Format (mmtf)

  • Density volumes

    • CCP4 format (ccp4)

    • OpenDX scalar data (dxbin)

    • Gaussian cube data (cube)

    • BRIX format (brix)

    • XPLOR/CNS format (cns)

  • Surface representations

    • Polygon File Format (ply)

    • Wavefront Object (obj)

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