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Bookmark frequently accessed resources.
Who can use this feature?
👤 By default, all Admins, Editors and Viewers.
🏢 Available on all plans.
Bookmarks are personal shortcuts which appear in your sidebar.
⌨️ Keyboard
🖱️ Mouse
⚡ Quick find
O then B to open bookmarks.
  • Click the bookmark icon next to Experiment, Project, or View title.
  • Access Bookmarks in the sidebar.
Search bookmark to favorite or unfavorite an Experiment, Project or View.
Search open b to open a bookmark.

Applicable resources

If a resource can be bookmarked, you'll see the outline of a bookmark in the top bar next to the title. You can favorite the following resources:
  • Projects
  • Experiments
  • Views
The following views cannot be bookmarked. Instead, you can create a custom View filtered to show issues in these views:
  • User profile (filter for issues assigned to the user and relevant statuses)

Add bookmarks

To bookmark, select the 🔖 icon in the page header. You can also open a Project, Experiment or View and search for the bookmark in ⚡ Quick find.

Access bookmarks

Once you bookmark a resource, you'll see a Bookmarks section appear in your sidebar above Projects. You can access bookmarks by clicking on them from the sidebar or searching for them in ⚡ Quick find. The shortcut O then B will open a menu from which you can open a bookmark, too.

Remove bookmarks

Click the bookmark icon next to the title of a Project, Experiment or View to unbookmark the resource. This is not reversible but you can easily readd the bookmark by going to the resource and clicking the bookmark button again.