All editors in Colabra support Markdown formatting.

Who can use this feature?

👤 By default, all Admins and Editors (but not Viewers).

🏢 Available on all plans.

We support most Markdown elements in our text editor. Write in Markdown or paste it directly and it will be converted into rich text automatically. Read more about Markdown and access full capabilities here. You can also apply styling with a toolbar, which will pop up after you highlight a word or phrase.

See below for keyboard shortcuts or search specific ones with ?

Text styling

These styles can be applied using keyboard shortcuts or by highlighting text to bring up a styling toolbar:

  • **text** or Cmd/Ctrl B for bold text

  • _text_ or Cmd/Ctrl I or Cmd/Ctrl > for italicized text

  • ~text~ or Cmd/Ctrl D to strikethrough text

  • *, -, or then Space or Cmd/Ctrl Shift 8 for a bulleted list

  • 1. or Cmd/Ctrl Shift 9 for a numbered list

  • [] or Cmd/Ctrl Shift 7 for a checklist

  • > then Space for blockquotes

  • Cmd/Ctrl K Turn text into link (or directly paste issue or URLs for clickable links)

  • # then Space Heading 1

  • ## then Space Heading 2

  • ### then Space Heading 3

  • Cmd/Ctrl U for underlined text

  • Cmd/Ctrl Shift C for inline code

  • Code or Cmd/Ctrl Shift \\ for a code block

  • ___ then Space for a horizontal divider

Helpful commands

  • Cmd/Ctrl A to select all content in an issue (to copy or delete)

  • Cmd/Ctrl Z to undo typing

  • Cmd/Ctrl Shift Z to redo typing

  • Shift Enter to generate a line break

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