Who can use this feature?

👤 By default, all Admins and Editors (but not Viewers).

🏢 Available on all plans.

Colabra's LaTeX feature allows researchers to easily input inline and block equations within their electronic lab notebook experimental notes.

This feature is especially useful for scientists and researchers working in fields such as physics, chemistry, and mathematics as it allows them to easily write and format mathematical equations, formulas, and expressions in a precise and unambiguous way.

The KaTeX block makes it easier for researchers to write and format equations in a consistent and professional manner, regardless of their level of technical expertise.

Inline quations

Type /Inline equation to insert an equation in between other text.

Block equations

Type /LaTeX equation to insert a large block equation

Recognized symbols

Colabra supports the full scope of symbols and operations within the \KaTeX language. For a full list of supported functions, please visit the links below:

KaTeX spans most, but not all mathematical notation supported by LaTeX. If your equation isn't rendering correctly in Colabra, please visit the links above to see if that function is supported.


I don't know LaTeX but want to use Colabra's equations. How can I get started?

It's easy to get started using LaTeX. Basic arithmetic and variable names are valid in LaTeX already.

If you just need to look up specific symbols, Detexify is a great resource that allows you to draw the symbol and look up the corresponding LaTeX code.

To learn more powerful LaTeX, Overleaf documentation is a great place to learn the basics:

Note that Overleaf is a full-featured LaTeX editor, so not everything in the documentation is supported in Colabra. If in doubt, you can always check this list of Supported Functions or alphabetized Support Table to determine which functions are supported.

I'm trying to use the align environment and it's not working!

From the Common Issues page of the KaTeX documentation:

"KaTeX does not support the align environment because LaTeX doesn't support align in math mode. The aligned environment offers the same functionality but in math mode, so use that instead."

Can I use inline equations for superscript and subscript?

It's possible to use inline equations for superscript and subscript, but you may want to use regular sub- and superscript instead by selecting text and pressing Ctrl/Cmd , or Ctrl/Cmd . respectively.

What happens when I copy/paste inline LaTeX?

Copy-pasting an equation is only possible between Colabra editors.

Click the equation to open the editor where you can copy its source code.

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