Use tags to find and categorize projects and experiments.

Who can use this feature?

👤 By default, all Admins and Editors (but not Viewers).

🏢 Available on all plans.

Create tags to help organize Projects and Experiments in your workspace. You can filter by tag when creating views and sifting through search results to help you find the experiments you need. Tags are managed on the workspace level.

T to apply a tag

T then start typing new tag name to create and apply a tag

Shift T to remove a tag

F to filter by tag

Create tags

Go to Workspace settings -> Tags to create new tags. You can also create tags in the + Tag flow. Take the action to apply a tag, then type the name of the tag you want to create, and it'll automatically be saved to your Workspace tags.

Tags can be assigned:

  • No value (a standard tag)

  • Text (for a string description, like "taste: sweet")

  • Number (for an int description, like "version: 5")

  • Unit and value

Edit or delete tags

Go to Workspace settings -> Tags to edit or delete tags. Deleting tags is not reversible. If a tag is in use, you'll still be able to delete the tag and doing so will remove it from any Projects and Experiments.

Customize tag colours

While creating or editing a tag, select the colored dot to bring up a colour picker. Select the # option to specify a hex code.

Filtering and views

Learn more about Tag views and how to Filter with tags.

Video overview

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